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TotalRecovery Pro helps you preserve your data from accidental losses and virus attacks by creating backup copies of specific files and folders, operating system data, partitions and even complete drives. Despite the evident complexities of this type of task, the program is so friendly that you can use it without difficulty even if it is your first time.

The tool allows three basic operations: backing up, restoring and cloning. Creating backups requires just a few simple steps, like choosing the source (drive or partition) and the destination. Luckily, the program supports such target locations as a standard folder, a disc, a USB device, an FTP site and even some Cloud services, like SkyDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

In turn, there are various types of backups: full, incremental and differential. A full backup copy all source files to the target location, while the incremental and differential copies start from analyzing the contents on both ends before deciding what to copy. In addition, there is Smart Backup, which can exclude unnecessary files thus saving a lot of space and time. The backups can be saved in encrypted and compressed files, which are only accessible by providing the corresponding password. Moreover, the resulting image files can readily be previewed from Windows Explorer.

Backup jobs can be scheduled to run automatically at a given frequency or time. It is also allowed to run specific commands before or after the execution of the job. It is good also that you are notified by an email message about the status of the programmed tasks as well.

The reverse operation of backing up is restoring. In addition to recovering data from a previously made copy, there are other ways to help your system recover from crashes. One of them is creating a bootable rescue media, which can be an optical disc or a USB storage device. Likewise, there are specific tools that fix various types of problems relating to system booting. Fortunately, there is a feature called universal restore that lets you clone your system on dissimilar machines.

To conclude, TotalRecovery Pro is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools of its type. The product is available as part of a family that includes two other editions for business: Total Backup Recovery Server and Total Backup Recovery Workstation. Unfortunately, though its price seems reasonable considering the benefits, the product can be somewhat beyond what a home user may be willing to spend.

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  • Creates bootable rescue media
  • Supports rapid restore technology
  • Allows various types of backups
  • Lets you schedule backup jobs
  • Encrypts and compresses backup files
  • Backup images readily previewable on Windows Explorer


  • Somewhat expensive for home users
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